Monthly Archives: March 2009

Sauvie Island Hike

Five of us showed up on Saturday, despite the light steady rain: just enough rain to require rain gear, but no wind to speak of so we were comfy. It was good just to hit the trail. Cabin fever abated for the day! We saw sandhill cranes, herons, and ospreys; deer tracks and beaver tracks; and some beaver-gnawed trees. We also saw an otter slide, where otters slide from their den into the water! The Indian plums are in bloom, and there was a red flowering currant in bloom too. All in all it was a pleasant, low-key morning on the trail.


Medicinal Herb Walk

latourell-falls-011 A group of adventuresome folks headed to Latourell Falls in the Columbia River Gorge on March 28 for a medicinal herb walk during the last weekend in March. Karen Benton, along with several of the participants identified and talked about the medicinal uses of some of the common forest plants. Trilliums, fringe cup, sword ferns, devil’s club, western red cedar, and wild ginger were only a few of the plants identified. This beautiful trail is maintained in part, by the Columbia group of the Sierra Club through several projects beginning in April.

Silver Falls State Park Hike

2009-03-21-0301Although the forecast was questionable, the sun was peaking through the clouds as we started our 8 mile hike.  Our plan was to visit all 10 of the waterfalls at the park. We did that and then some! Because of all the recent rain, there were waterfalls coming down the canyon walls in some unexpected spots. We counted 8 “extra” waterfalls for a grand total of 18 waterfalls! We had lunch in the lodge, the timing was perfect as it had started raining. Soon after leaving the lodge, the rain stopped. Glad we planned this hike so well! Irene & Armand Schoppy

Exhilarating Ski Trip in the Wallowa Mountains

March 12-16. Dave Burdick led a wonderful, 3 day, 24 mile, 5000 ft elevation gain, Sierra club backcountry ski tour through the valleys and mountains of the Wallowas in Eastern Oregon. Exhilarating! Check out the slideshow!